Intro Hair Monster - Jeff Mackie
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The Hair Monster book series were created for kids

in hopes to make inspire them to be

creative writers but most of all encourage reading.
The book series is about some creatures called the hair monsters. Hair monsters mess with kids hair throughout the night. It's what they like to do according to some. Some also say the monsters are messy eaters and love running around at night.

Some kids may have encountered one of these monsters once in their life. No one can really be for sure. No one has seen them but due to an old wise tale, it's believed that some people know their behaviors and what they might

look like.

The series will bring the monsters to life. The series is funny but a little scary at the same time. 

You will begin to realize hair monsters could be real and lurking around your house and looking to give your kid a new hairdo.

All books written and Illustrated by Jeff Mackie copyrights2019