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About My Book
"Marcus Knows Business"
Marcus Knows Business is a series of books that depicts a young kid providing steps to his friends on how to start a small business.

About the Author
Love being an influencer, I created the "Marcus Knows Business" series to help educate young adults on how to start a business and to understand the
steps it take to begin that path.

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The Hair Monster book series was created for kids

in hopes to inspire them to be

creative writers but most of all encourage more reading.
The book series is about some creatures called hair monsters. Some say are real. Hair monsters come around during the night. For some odd reason, they love messing with kids' hair after dark. It's what they like to do to pass time according to some. 

No one has seen them but due to an old wise tale, hair monsters are real.

The series will bring the monsters to life.

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hairmonstercover2019 - Copy.jpg

Watch for the next book in the series.
Rose and her friends begin 
to search for the hair monsters after a possible siting.

Coming Soon

All books written and Illustrated by Jeff Mackie copyrights2020