caricature drawing fun

Caricatures are one the most art style that everyone knows about. Most often whoever puts on an event will hire a caricature artist to entertain their guest.  Let get a caricature artist at your next event.

This service bring the fun

We will provide an airbrush artist will draw plus airbrush caricatures.

We will also do Black and white (traditional style) that everyone knows.

Whats your needs?

Send us a run down of what you are looking for at your event. Contact us by email or phone.

time span setup

time span setup

The setup would run to the time you requested on the contract

If you request the Caricature service after contracted time additional charges will apply.

Age limit

There are no age group limits for this kind of fun.


A airbrush artist to caricatures 


Traditional caricature drawings
on card stock 80lbs. (Black and white)

Plastic bag carriers for art (12"x18")