max the drawing bear

Costume Character Fun

A great interactive entertainment for kids.

Meet "Max The Drawing Bear." If you love being entertained and having fun, "Max the drawing bear" is the character for you. Max love to draw and you can have fun helping Max draw things. Book him for your next event or party and have fun watching him drawing.


This service brings the fun

Book your next event and enjoy Max the drawing bear.Great for birthday parties, Proms, Company picnics and much more.

Whats your needs?

Send us a run down of what you are looking for at your event. let us know how many kids will be attending. Contact us by email or phone.

time span setup

The setup would run to the time you requested on the contract

If you request the costume character service after contracted time additional charges will apply.

Age limit


This service include a helper for Max

Drawings for the kids

Photo with Max

Costume character Price

There are no age group limits to this kind of fun.


From $90

order a keepsake pencil
for birthday guest

15” pencil  $18

color chose
pink, red, blue
B'day host get free penicl