“I love being creative and admire other creative people.” --Jeff Mackie

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It’s Fun 2 Laugh was created to provide fun entertainment for families. Since It’s Fun 2 Laugh was established in 2005 we have provided fun entertainment for all sorts of events. See the Gallery section of the website for a list of all upcoming and past events.


It’s Fun 2 Laugh was started with our number one product the

Air Brush T-Shirts. As an entertainment company we want to keep the company fun and current with the times so we have now added other services to entertain with. We offer caricatures and photo booth services. We are always looking for fun entertainment to keep people laughing and enjoying themselves at your events.


I’m self taught! I was always drawing even after my high school years. I had a great art teacher in high school who inspired me to continue to practice and improve my gift. I got into learning other creative media due to the love of creating art. The first media was airbrushing t-shirts. After some years out of high school I noticed someone painting t-shirts and it was cool. I bought an airbrush and taught myself to paint.


I’ve worked at the Mall of America where I learned a few tricks on how to draw caricatures. I enjoy having fun and making people laugh with my skills. So, I started an entertainment service called “It’s Fun 2 Laugh”.

Over the years I’ve added on to my creative media. Now I offer a photo booth service and working on entertaining for more kids event with my new Character creation “Sketchy The  Bear”.

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